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Type Members

  1. trait AttrCubbieSlots extends util.Cubbie

  2. class BasicSection extends Section

    A simple concrete implementation of Section.

  3. trait DateAttrCubbieSlot extends util.Cubbie with AttrCubbieSlots

  4. class Document extends DocumentSubstring with Attr

    A Document holds a String containing the original raw string contents of a natural language document to be processed.

  5. class DocumentAnnotationPipeline extends DocumentAnnotator

    A sequence of DocumentAnnotators packaged as a single DocumentAnnotator.

  6. trait DocumentAnnotator extends AnyRef

  7. type DocumentAnnotatorMap = Map[Class[_], () ⇒ DocumentAnnotator]

    Mapping from annotation class (usually stored in an attr) and the DocumentAnnotor from which it can be obtained.

  8. class DocumentCubbie[TC <: TokenCubbie, SC <: SentenceCubbie, TSC <: TokenSpanCubbie] extends util.Cubbie with AttrCubbieSlots

    A Cubbie for serializing a Document, with separate slots for the Tokens, Sentences, and TokenSpans.

  9. case class DocumentName(string: String) extends Product with Serializable

    Used as an attribute on Document to hold the document's name.

  10. trait DocumentSubstring extends AnyRef

    A portion of the string contents of a Document.

  11. class MutableDocumentAnnotatorMap extends LinkedHashMap[Class[_], () ⇒ DocumentAnnotator]

    A Map from annotation class to DocumentAnnotator that provides that annotation.

  12. trait Section extends Chain[Section, Token] with DocumentSubstring with Attr

    A part of a Document, delineated by character offsets into the Document's string, and which can hold a sequence of Tokens and a sequence of Sentences.

  13. class Sentence extends TokenSpan

    A span of Tokens making up a sentence within a Section of a Document.

  14. class SentenceCubbie extends TokenSpanCubbie

  15. trait SentenceParseCubbie extends SentenceCubbie

  16. trait SharedNLPCmdOptions extends CmdOptions

    Command-line options available on all NLP model trainers.

  17. class Token extends Observation[Token] with ChainLink[Token, Section] with DocumentSubstring with Attr

    A word in a document, covering a substring of the Document.

  18. class TokenCubbie extends util.Cubbie

  19. trait TokenIobConllNerTagCubbie extends TokenCubbie

  20. trait TokenPennPosTagCubbie extends TokenCubbie

  21. class TokenSpan extends SpanVariable[Section, Token] with Attr

    A sub-sequence of Tokens within a Section (which is in turn part of a Document).

  22. class TokenSpanBuffer[S <: TokenSpan] extends SpanVarBuffer[S, Section, Token] with TokenSpanCollection[S]

    A mutable collection of TokenSpans, with various methods to returns filtered sub-sets of spans based on position and class.

  23. trait TokenSpanCollection[S <: TokenSpan] extends SpanVarCollection[S, Section, Token]

  24. class TokenSpanCubbie extends util.Cubbie

  25. class TokenSpanList[S <: TokenSpan] extends SpanVarList[S, Section, Token] with TokenSpanCollection[S]

    An immutable collection of TokenSpans, with various methods to returns filtered sub-sets of spans based on position and class.

  26. trait TokenSpanNerLabelCubbieSlot extends TokenSpanCubbie

  27. trait TokenSpanWithDocRefCubbie[DC <: DocumentCubbie[_, _, _]] extends TokenSpanCubbie

  28. trait TokenSpanWithPhraseCubbie extends TokenSpanCubbie

  29. class TokenString extends StringVariable

    Used as an attribute of Token when the token.

  30. trait TokenStringCubbieSlot extends TokenCubbie

Value Members

  1. object DocumentAnnotatorPipeline extends FastLogging

    A factory for creating DocumentAnnotatorPipelines given requirements about which annotations or which DocumentAnnotators are desired.

  2. object NLP

    A command-line driver for DocumentAnnotators.

  3. object NoopDocumentAnnotator extends DocumentAnnotator

  4. object TokenSpan

  5. object UnknownDocumentAnnotator extends DocumentAnnotator

    Used as a stand-in dummy DocumentAnnotator in the DocumentAnnotatorMap when an annotation was added but not by a real DocumentAnnotator.

  6. def bilouBoundaries(labels: Seq[String]): Seq[(Int, Int, String)]

  7. def bioBoundaries(labels: Seq[String]): Seq[(Int, Int)]

  8. package coref

  9. package embeddings

  10. package hcoref

  11. def iobBoundaries(labels: Seq[String]): Seq[(Int, Int, String)]

    Given a sequence of strings describing labels in IOB format, such as O I-PER I-LOC B-LOC I-LOC O I-ORG, (where I, B prefixes are separated by a dash from the type suffix) return a sequence of tuples indicating span start, length and label suffix, such as (3, 2, "LOC").

  12. package lemma

  13. package lexicon

  14. package load

  15. package morph

  16. package ner

  17. package parse

  18. package phrase

  19. package pos

  20. package relation

  21. package segment

  22. package wordnet

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