package hcoref

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Type Members

  1. class BagOfTruths extends BagOfWordsVariable with EntityAttr

  2. trait BagOfWords extends AnyRef

    Basic trait for doing operations with bags of words

  3. class BagOfWordsCubbie extends util.Cubbie

  4. class BagOfWordsPriorWithStatistics[B <: BagOfWordsVariable with EntityAttr] extends TupleTemplateWithStatistics3[EntityExists, IsEntity, B]

  5. class BagOfWordsTensorVariable extends FeatureVectorVariable[String]

  6. trait BagOfWordsVar extends variable.Var with Iterable[(String, Double)]

  7. class BagOfWordsVariable extends BagOfWordsVar

  8. trait CanopyAttribute[T <: Entity] extends AnyRef

  9. class ChildEntities extends SetVariable[Entity]

    This variable should not be changed directly.

  10. class ChildParentCosineDistance[B <: BagOfWordsVariable with EntityAttr] extends ChildParentTemplateWithStatistics[B] with DebugableTemplate

  11. abstract class ChildParentTemplate[A <: EntityAttr] extends Template3[EntityRef, A, A]

  12. abstract class ChildParentTemplateWithStatistics[A <: EntityAttr] extends ChildParentTemplate[A] with TupleFamilyWithStatistics3[EntityRef, A, A]

  13. trait DBEntityCollection[E <: HierEntity with HasCanopyAttributes[E] with Prioritizable, C <: DBEntityCubbie[E]] extends EntityCollection[E]

  14. trait DBEntityCubbie[T <: HierEntity with HasCanopyAttributes[T] with Prioritizable] extends util.Cubbie

    Handles loading/storing issues generic to entity collections with canopies, ids, priorities, and hierarchical structure.

  15. trait DebugableTemplate extends AnyRef

  16. class DepthPenaltyTemplate extends TupleTemplateWithStatistics1[EntityRef] with DebugableTemplate

  17. class Dirty extends IntegerVariable

  18. trait Entity extends Attr

    A trait for entities (and mentions, sub-entities and parent-entities) in a coreference problem.

  19. trait EntityAttr extends variable.Var

    An attribute that knows what entity it belongs to

  20. trait EntityCollection[E <: HierEntity] extends AnyRef

  21. abstract class EntityCubbie extends util.Cubbie

  22. class EntityExists extends variable.BooleanVariable

  23. class EntityName extends StringVariable

    The string-valued name for an entity.

  24. class EntityRef extends ArrowVariable[Entity, Entity]

    A pointer from a child Entity (or Mention) to its parent Entity in an coreference problem.

  25. class EntitySizePrior extends TupleTemplateWithStatistics3[EntityExists, IsEntity, MentionCountVariable]

  26. class EntropyBagOfWordsPriorWithStatistics[B <: BagOfWordsVariable with EntityAttr] extends TupleTemplateWithStatistics3[EntityExists, IsEntity, B] with DebugableTemplate

  27. trait HasCanopyAttributes[T <: Entity] extends AnyRef

  28. abstract class HierCorefSampler[T <: HierEntity] extends SettingsSampler[Null]

  29. abstract class HierEntity extends Entity

  30. abstract class HierEntityCubbie extends EntityCubbie

  31. class IsEntity extends variable.BooleanVariable

  32. class IsMention extends variable.BooleanVariable

  33. class MentionCountVariable extends IntegerVariable

  34. abstract class MongoDBEntityCollection[E <: HierEntity with HasCanopyAttributes[E] with Prioritizable, C <: DBEntityCubbie[E]] extends DBEntityCollection[E, C]

  35. class NamedEntity extends Entity

    An entity represented by a string-valued name.

  36. class NamedEntityCubbie extends EntityCubbie

  37. trait NonDetCanopyAttribute[T <: Entity] extends CanopyAttribute[T]

  38. class PairwiseLabel extends LabeledBooleanVariable

  39. trait PairwiseMention extends TokenSpan with Entity

  40. trait Prioritizable extends AnyRef

  41. class SimpleStringCanopy[T <: Entity] extends CanopyAttribute[T]

  42. class SparseBagOfWords extends BagOfWords

  43. class StructuralPriorsTemplate extends TupleTemplateWithStatistics3[EntityExists, IsEntity, IsMention] with DebugableTemplate

  44. class TensorBagOfWordsCubbie extends util.Cubbie

  45. trait TokenSpanMention extends TokenSpan with Entity

  46. abstract class TokenSpanMentionCubbie extends TokenSpanCubbie

  47. class EntityVariable extends NamedEntity


    Use NamedEntity instead.

Value Members

  1. object BagOfWordsUtil

  2. object DefaultBagOfWordsDomain extends CategoricalVectorDomain[String]

  3. object HierEntityUtils

  4. object Util