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Type Members

  1. class BasicOntonotesNER extends DocumentAnnotator

    A simple named entity recognizer, trained on Ontonotes data.

  2. class BilouConllNerTag extends NerTag

  3. class BilouOntonotesNerTag extends NerTag

  4. class BioConllNerTag extends NerTag

  5. class BioOntonotesNerTag extends NerTag

  6. class ConllChainNer extends DocumentAnnotator

    A finite-state named entity recognizer, trained on CoNLL 2003 data.

  7. class ConllNerSpan extends NerSpan

  8. class ConllNerSpanBuffer extends TokenSpanBuffer[ConllNerSpan]

  9. class ConllNerSpanLabel extends NerSpanLabel

  10. class ConllNerTag extends NerTag

  11. class ConllStackedChainNer extends StackedChainNer[BilouConllNerTag]

  12. class IobConllNerTag extends NerTag

  13. class IobOntonotesNerTag extends NerTag

  14. class LabeledBilouConllNerTag extends BilouConllNerTag with CategoricalLabeling[String]

  15. class LabeledBilouOntonotesNerTag extends BilouOntonotesNerTag with CategoricalLabeling[String]

  16. class LabeledBioConllNerTag extends BioConllNerTag with CategoricalLabeling[String]

  17. class LabeledBioOntonotesNerTag extends BioOntonotesNerTag with CategoricalLabeling[String]

  18. class LabeledConllNerTag extends ConllNerTag with CategoricalLabeling[String]

  19. class LabeledIobConllNerTag extends IobConllNerTag with CategoricalLabeling[String]

  20. class LabeledIobOntonotesNerTag extends IobOntonotesNerTag with CategoricalLabeling[String]

  21. class LabeledOntonotesNerTag extends OntonotesNerTag with CategoricalLabeling[String]

  22. abstract class NerSpan extends TokenSpan

    A TokenSpan covering a named entity.

  23. abstract class NerSpanLabel extends CategoricalVariable[String]

    A categorical variable holding the named entity type of a TokenSpan.

  24. abstract class NerTag extends CategoricalVariable[String]

    An abstract class for a variable holding the part-of-speech tag of a Token.

  25. class NoEmbeddingsConllStackedChainNer extends ConllStackedChainNer

  26. class OntonotesNerSpan extends NerSpan

  27. class OntonotesNerSpanBuffer extends TokenSpanBuffer[OntonotesNerSpan]

  28. class OntonotesNerSpanLabel extends NerSpanLabel

  29. class OntonotesNerTag extends NerTag

  30. class StackedChainNer[L <: NerTag] extends DocumentAnnotator

  31. class StackedChainNerOpts extends CmdOptions with SharedNLPCmdOptions

  32. class TokenSequence[T <: NerTag] extends ArrayBuffer[Token]

Value Members

  1. object BasicConllNerOptimizer

  2. object BasicConllNerTrainer extends HyperparameterMain

    Example main function for training NER1 from CoNLL 2003 data.

  3. object BasicOntonotesNER extends BasicOntonotesNER

  4. object BasicOntonotesNERTrainer

  5. object BasicOntonotesNERWSJ extends BasicOntonotesNER

    The default NER1 with parameters loaded from resources in the classpath.

  6. object BilouConllNerDomain extends CategoricalDomain[String]

  7. object BilouOntonotesNerDomain extends CategoricalDomain[String]

  8. object BioConllNerDomain extends CategoricalDomain[String]

  9. object BioOntonotesNerDomain extends CategoricalDomain[String]

  10. object ConllChainNer extends ConllChainNer

    The default NER1 with parameters loaded from resources in the classpath.

  11. object ConllNerDomain extends CategoricalDomain[String]

  12. object ConllStackedChainNerOptimizer

  13. object ConllStackedChainNerTrainer extends HyperparameterMain

  14. val IobConllNerDomain: BioConllNerDomain.type

  15. lazy val NER2: BasicOntonotesNERWSJ.type

  16. object NoEmbeddingsConllStackedChainNer extends NoEmbeddingsConllStackedChainNer

  17. object OntonotesNerDomain extends CategoricalDomain[String]

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