package lexicon

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Type Members

  1. trait Lexicon extends AnyRef

    The general interface to a lexicon.

  2. class MultiWordException extends Exception

    An exception thrown when someone tries to add a multi-word phrase to a WordLexicon.

  3. trait MutableLexicon extends Lexicon

  4. class PhraseLexicon extends MutableLexicon

    A list of words or phrases, with methods to check whether a String, Seq[String], or Token (or more generally a cc.

  5. class ResourceLexicons extends AnyRef

  6. class UnionLexicon extends Lexicon

    A union of multiple lexicons.

  7. class WordLexicon extends MutableLexicon

    A Lexicon that can only hold single-word lexicon entries, but which is efficient for this case.

Value Members

  1. object ClasspathResourceLexicons extends ResourceLexicons

    Static access through classpath or file location (specified as Java System Property)

  2. object Determiner extends WordLexicon

  3. object Lexicon

    Support for constructing Lexicons, which automatically will determine if a WordLexicon will suffice or a PhraseLexicon is required.

  4. object NumberWords extends WordLexicon

  5. object PersonPronoun extends WordLexicon

  6. object PosessiveDeterminer extends WordLexicon

  7. object Pronoun extends PhraseLexicon

  8. object StopWords extends WordLexicon

  9. val iesl: lexicon.ClasspathResourceLexicons.iesl.type

  10. val ssdi: lexicon.ClasspathResourceLexicons.ssdi.type

  11. val uscensus: lexicon.ClasspathResourceLexicons.uscensus.type

  12. val wikipedia: lexicon.ClasspathResourceLexicons.wikipedia.type

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