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  1. object BookInfoGain

    Demonstration of calculating class-word information gain where data coming from book-length

  2. object ChainNERDemo

    A demonstration of training a linear-chain CRF for named entity recognition.

  3. object ChainNERExample

    An example of a linear-chain CRF system NER which manually defines the model.

  4. object Coref1

  5. object Coref2

    Please also see app.

  6. object CorefMentions

    A simple coreference engine on toy data.

  7. object DirichletDemo

    Simple demonstration of Dirichlet-distributed proportions generating Discrete values.

  8. object DocumentClassifier1

  9. object EfficientLDA

    LDA example using the SparseLDAInferencer, very efficient.

  10. object ForwardBackwardPOS

    A simple demonstration of part-of-speech tagging with a finite-state linear-chain CRF.

  11. object GaussianDemo

  12. object GaussianMixtureDemo

  13. object Grid

    Example of synthetic Ising Grid models

  14. object MultinomialDemo

    A simple example of generating data by rolling a die, then re-estimating the parameters of the die from that data.

  15. object MultivariateGaussianDemo

  16. object MultivariateGaussianMixtureDemo

  17. object NLP1 extends App

    A simple example of running an NLP document processor.

  18. object NlpPipeline extends App

  19. object RegressionExample

    An example of Linear Regression.

  20. object SimpleLDA

    LDA example using collapsed gibbs sampling; very flexible.

  21. object TopicsOverTime

  22. object Tutorial60Learning extends App

  23. object Tutorial90ParallelismAndHyperparameters extends App

  24. object TutorialDomain extends App

  25. object TutorialFactors extends App

  26. object TutorialFamily extends App

  27. object TutorialModel extends App

  28. object TutorialTemplate extends App

  29. object TutorialVariables extends App

  30. object VarArgsDemo

    Demonstrate how to create a factor that has a varying number of neighbors.

  31. object WordSegmenter