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Type Members

  1. trait Accumulator[A] extends AnyRef

  2. final class ArrayDoubleSeq extends MutableDoubleSeq with DenseDoubleSeq

  3. class ArrayIndexedSeqDouble extends IndexedSeq[Double]

    An IndexedSeq[Double] backed by an array, just used as a return type for DoubleSeq.

  4. final class ArrayIntSeq extends IntSeq

  5. class AssignmentSolver extends AnyRef

    A solver for weighted bipartite matching, also known as the assignment problem.

  6. trait Attr extends AnyRef

    Provides member "attr" which is a map from a class to an attribute value (instance of that class).

  7. case class BoxedDouble(d: Double) extends Product with Serializable

  8. trait Catalog extends AnyRef

    Classes that mix in the trait "Catalog" have available a IndexedSeq list of all instances ever created.

  9. trait CmdOption[T] extends AnyRef

    Concrete version is implemented as an inner class of @see CmdOptions.

  10. class CmdOptions extends AnyRef

    A simple command-line option parsing tool.

  11. class Cubbie extends AnyRef

    A Cubbie provides typed access to an underlying Map data-structure.

  12. trait CubbieConversions extends AnyRef

  13. trait DefaultCmdOptions extends CmdOptions

    Default CmdOption collection that should be included in most CmdOptions.

  14. trait DenseDoubleSeq extends DoubleSeq

  15. trait DoubleAccumulator extends Accumulator[Double]

  16. class DoubleArrayBuffer extends ProtectedDoubleArrayBuffer with DenseDoubleSeq

  17. trait DoubleSeq extends AnyRef

    We are so desperate for efficient @specialized Seq[Double], that we created our own.

  18. trait DoubleSeqAccumulator extends Accumulator[DoubleSeq]

  19. trait DoubleSeqIterator extends Iterator[DoubleSeqIterator]

    Used to iterate over the contents of a DoubleSeq, with access to both the index and the value, but, unlike an Iterator[(Int,Double)], not needing to allocate memory for each iteration.

  20. trait Executor extends AnyRef

    Base class for executors which run their own JVMs.

  21. trait FastLogging extends Logging

    Fast, but uses one machine word of memory per-instance.

  22. class FileUtils extends AnyRef

  23. trait GlobalLogging extends Logging

    Uses no per-instance memory, and is fast because it goes directly to the companion class to get a logger, but it is the default logger for all "cc.

  24. class Hooks0 extends ArrayBuffer[() ⇒ Unit]

    Lightweight subscribe/publish mechanism, implemented as a simple list of 0-argument functions that be registered and then called.

  25. class Hooks1[A] extends ArrayBuffer[(A) ⇒ Unit]

    Lightweight subscribe/publish mechanism, implemented as a simple list of 1-argument functions that be registered and then called.

  26. class Hooks2[A, B] extends ArrayBuffer[(A, B) ⇒ Unit]

    Lightweight subscribe/publish mechanism, implemented as a simple list of 2-argument functions that be registered and then called.

  27. class Hooks3[A, B, C] extends ArrayBuffer[(A, B, C) ⇒ Unit]

    Lightweight subscribe/publish mechanism, implemented as a simple list of 3-argument functions that be registered and then called.

  28. case class HyperParameter[T](option: CmdOption[T], sampler: ParameterSampler[T]) extends Product with Serializable

    A container for a hyperparameter which will be optimized.

  29. class HyperParameterSearcher extends AnyRef

  30. trait HyperparameterMain extends AnyRef

    Main class which implements training of a model.

  31. trait IncrementableDoubleSeq extends DoubleSeq

  32. trait Index[T] extends IndexedSeq[T]

    Class that mimics Java's string indexer, but for anything.

  33. class IntArrayBuffer extends ProtectedIntArrayBuffer with MutableIntSeq

  34. trait IntSeq extends AnyRef

  35. abstract class JobQueueExecutor extends Executor

    A general executor for job queues.

  36. class LocalDoubleAccumulator extends DoubleAccumulator

  37. class LocalDoubleSeqAccumulator extends DoubleSeqAccumulator

  38. class LogUniformDoubleSampler extends ParameterSampler[Double]

  39. class Logger extends AnyRef

    Class for logging messages.

  40. trait Logging extends AnyRef

    Uses no per-instance memory, but slow because it does a hash lookup for each call on the logger.

  41. trait MutableDoubleSeq extends IncrementableDoubleSeq

  42. trait MutableIntSeq extends IntSeq

  43. final class Outer2IntSeq extends IntSeq

    A sequence of (activeDomain) indices for a possibly sparse outer product of (the activeDomains of) WeightsMap.

  44. trait ParameterSampler[T] extends AnyRef

    User: apassos Date: 6/9/13 Time: 7:20 AM

  45. trait ProtectedDoubleArrayBuffer extends AnyRef

  46. trait ProtectedIntArrayBuffer extends AnyRef

    Embeds an efficient array of Ints, with convenient _append, _prepend, etc.

  47. class QSubExecutor extends JobQueueExecutor

    An executor that uses qsub as it is set up in UMass.

  48. final class RWLock extends AnyRef

    User: apassos Date: 3/8/13 Time: 7:59 AM

  49. final class RangeIntSeq extends IntSeq

    Integers from start, start+1, start+2 .

  50. class SSHActorExecutor extends Executor

    An Executor which runs jobs from a pool of machines via ssh.

  51. class SampleFromProportions[T] extends ParameterSampler[T]

  52. class SampleFromSeq[T] extends ParameterSampler[T]

  53. final class SeqIntSeq extends IntSeq

    Note that this will cause the Int to be boxed and unboxed.

  54. case class SingletonIndexedSeq[A](elt: A) extends IndexedSeq[A] with Product with Serializable

    An immutable indexed sequence containing a single element, with efficient implementations of head, last, foreach, iterator and map.

  55. final class SingletonIntSeq extends IntSeq

  56. class SortedIntArrayBuffer extends ProtectedIntArrayBuffer with IntSeq

  57. class SortedIntSetBuffer extends ProtectedIntArrayBuffer with IntSeq

    Like SortedIntArrayBuffer, but with no duplicate entries.

  58. class SortedSparseCounts extends AnyRef

  59. trait SparseDoubleSeq extends DoubleSeq

  60. abstract class StoreFetchCubbie[T] extends Cubbie

  61. final class StringExtras extends AnyVal

    New functionality on String instances, available by implicit conversion in the cc.

  62. class StringMapCubbie[T] extends Cubbie

  63. final class SubArrayDoubleSeq extends DenseDoubleSeq

  64. final class SubArrayIntSeq extends IntSeq

  65. class SubclassableVector[+A] extends IndexedSeq[A]

  66. trait Substitutions extends AnyRef

    A trait for objects that can provide type-matched substitutions of one object for another.

  67. class TensorCubbie[T <: Tensor] extends StoreFetchCubbie[T]

  68. class TensorListCubbie[T <: Seq[Tensor]] extends StoreFetchCubbie[T]

  69. class ThreadLocal[T] extends AnyRef

  70. class TimingCollector extends Tracker

  71. class TopEntry[A <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

  72. class TopN[A <: AnyRef] extends Seq[TopEntry[A]]

    For gathering a sorted list of at most N indexed entries, sorted by a floating-point score.

  73. trait Trackable extends AnyRef

  74. trait Tracker extends AnyRef

    Track and time bounded regions of code.

  75. final class TraversableExtras[A] extends AnyVal

    New functionality on Traversable instances, available by implicit conversion in the cc.

  76. final class TruncatedArrayDoubleSeq extends DenseDoubleSeq

  77. final class TruncatedArrayIntSeq extends IntSeq

  78. class UniformDoubleSampler extends ParameterSampler[Double]

  79. trait UniqueId[A] extends AnyRef

    An object that has a unique identifier that is consistent across serialization.

  80. class WeakHashSet[A] extends Set[A]

    A set with weak references.

  81. class CubbieRefs extends HashMap[Any, Cubbie]


    Will be removed.

Value Members

  1. object BinarySerializer extends GlobalLogging

  2. object Catalog

  3. object ClasspathURL

  4. object CubbieConversions extends CubbieConversions

  5. object DoubleSeq

  6. object FastSorting

  7. object FileUtils extends FileUtils

  8. object Index extends Index[Any]

    Utilities for manipulating and creating Index objects.

  9. object Interpreter

    The scala REPL available through an object main.

  10. object JSonTest

  11. object JavaHashMap

  12. object Logger

  13. object QSubExecutor

    I wish I could make this object private.

  14. object SSHExecutor

    Slave job created by the SSHActorExecutor

  15. object ScriptingUtils

  16. object Threading

    User: apassos Date: 7/30/13 Time: 2:57 PM

  17. object Timer

  18. object Trackers extends ArrayBuffer[Tracker]

  19. package coref