final class TraversableExtras[A] extends AnyVal

New functionality on Traversable instances, available by implicit conversion in the cc.factorie package object in cc/factorie/package.scala.

Linear Supertypes
AnyVal, NotNull, Any
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  1. TraversableExtras
  2. AnyVal
  3. NotNull
  4. Any
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Instance Constructors

  1. new TraversableExtras(t: Traversable[A])

Value Members

  1. final def !=(arg0: Any): Boolean

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  2. final def ##(): Int

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  3. final def ==(arg0: Any): Boolean

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  4. final def asInstanceOf[T0]: T0

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  5. def filterByClass[C](c: Class[C]): Traversable[C]

  6. def filterByType[T <: AnyRef](implicit m: ClassTag[T]): Traversable[T]

  7. def getClass(): Class[_ <: AnyVal]

    Definition Classes
    AnyVal → Any
  8. def indexOfMaxByDouble(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double): Int

  9. def indexSafe(i: Int): Option[A]

  10. final def isInstanceOf[T0]: Boolean

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  11. def max2ByDouble(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double): (A, A)

    Returns both the maximum element and the second-to-max element

  12. def maxByDouble(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double): A

  13. def maxByInt(extractor: (A) ⇒ Int): A

  14. def minByDouble(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double): A

  15. def minByInt(extractor: (A) ⇒ Int): A

  16. def multiplyDoubles(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double): Double

  17. def multiplyInts(extractor: (A) ⇒ Int): Int

  18. def sampleExpProportionally(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double)(implicit random: Random): A

  19. def sampleProportionally(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double)(implicit random: Random): A

  20. def sampleUniformly(implicit random: Random): A

  21. def shuffle(implicit random: Random): Seq[A]

  22. def sortForward(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double): Seq[A]

    Sorts with minimum first.

  23. def sortReverse(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double): Seq[A]

    Sorts with maximum first.

  24. def split(ratio: Double): (Seq[A], Seq[A])

  25. def split(pred: (A) ⇒ Boolean): Iterator[Traversable[A]]

  26. def subseq(prob: Double)(implicit random: Random): Traversable[A]

  27. def sumDoubles(extractor: (A) ⇒ Double): Double

  28. def sumInts(extractor: (A) ⇒ Int): Int

  29. val t: Traversable[A]

  30. def toString(): String

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