package lda

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Type Members

  1. trait Doc extends SeqBreaks

    The abstract document variable required by LDA.

  2. class Document extends CategoricalSeqVariable[String] with Doc

    A simple concrete implementation of DocumentVar.

  3. class LDA extends AnyRef

    Typical recommended value for alpha1 is 50/numTopics.

  4. class LDACmd extends AnyRef

  5. class LREval extends AnyRef

    Left-to-right evaluation algorithm described on page 65 in Wallach's PhD thesis.

  6. class RecursiveDocument extends Document

  7. class RecursiveLDA extends LDA

  8. class SparseLDAInferencer extends AnyRef

  9. class SparseOnlineLDA extends AnyRef

  10. class Tag extends AnyRef

  11. class TaggedDocument extends Document

  12. class TimeStampedDocument extends Document

  13. class TopicPhraseCounts extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Document

  2. object LDA extends LDACmd

  3. object RecursiveLDA

  4. object SparseLDAInferencer

  5. object SparseOnlineLDA

  6. object Tag

  7. object TaggedLDA

  8. object TopicsOverTime