package mongo

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Type Members

  1. trait AbstractCubbieCollection[+C <: util.Cubbie] extends Iterable[C]

    Covariant interface to a cubbie collection.

  2. class BSONMap extends Map[String, Any]

    Wrapper around a bson map to provide scala-access to the map and its content.

  3. class BasicBSONBSeq extends Seq[Any]

    Lazy scala seq wrapper around bson sequence.

  4. class CachedFunction[F, T] extends Map[F, T]

  5. trait EagerCubbieConverter[C <: util.Cubbie] extends MongoCubbieConverter[C]

    A converter that eagerly, and recursively, creates a mutable.

  6. class IndexedLazyInverter extends (InverseSlot[util.Cubbie]) ⇒ Iterable[util.Cubbie]

  7. class Indexer extends (AbstractSlot[Any], Any) ⇒ Unit

  8. trait LazyCubbieConverter[C <: util.Cubbie] extends MongoCubbieConverter[C]

    This converter creates cubbies which do conversion from mongodb objects to scala maps and seqs on-the-fly.

  9. class LazyInverter extends (InverseSlot[util.Cubbie]) ⇒ Iterable[util.Cubbie]

  10. class LazyMongoInverter extends (InverseSlot[util.Cubbie]) ⇒ Iterable[util.Cubbie]

  11. class MongoCubbie[C <: util.Cubbie] extends AnyRef

    A wrapper around a cubbie that can be used to specify mongo queries using the cubbie map.

  12. class MongoCubbieCollection[C <: util.Cubbie] extends MutableCubbieCollection[C] with MongoCubbieConverter[C]

    A MongoCubbieCollection stores cubbies in a Mongo collection.

  13. trait MongoCubbieConverter[C <: util.Cubbie] extends AnyRef

    A trait to mix-in into mongo cubbie collections that controls how the raw mongo documents are converted to cubbies.

  14. class MongoInvSlot[C <: util.Cubbie, A <: util.Cubbie] extends AnyRef

  15. class MongoPrimitiveListSlot[C <: util.Cubbie, A] extends AnyRef

    Support for mongo queries specific to list attributes

  16. class MongoRefSlot[C <: util.Cubbie, A <: util.Cubbie] extends AnyRef

  17. class MongoSlot[C <: util.Cubbie, V] extends AnyRef

    A slot that can do mongo specific operations

  18. trait MutableCubbieCollection[C <: util.Cubbie] extends AbstractCubbieCollection[C]

    A cubbie collection that can be modified (hence not covariant anymore).

Value Members

  1. object CubbieMongoTest

    This class shows some example usage of cubbies and mongo serialization and querying.

  2. object DerefImplicits

  3. object GraphLoader

  4. object MongoCubbieConverter

    Helper methods to convert cubbies into mongo objects and vice versa.

  5. object MongoCubbieImplicits

    Implicits to import when you want to create cubbie mongo queries.