package mention

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Type Members

  1. class CorefMention extends Attr

  2. class Entity extends AnyRef

  3. class Mention extends Phrase with Attr

    A TokenSpan holding a mention of an entity.

  4. class MentionCache extends AnyRef

  5. class MentionEntityType extends LabeledCategoricalVariable[String]

  6. class MentionEntityTypeLabeler extends DocumentAnnotator

  7. class MentionList extends TokenSpanList[Mention]

  8. class MentionType extends LabeledCategoricalVariable[String]

    Categorical variable indicating whether the mention is a pronoun, nominal or proper noun.

  9. class NPChunkMentionFinder[L <: ChunkTag] extends DocumentAnnotator

  10. class NerMentionList extends MentionList

    User: apassos Date: 8/6/13 Time: 3:34 PM

  11. class ParseBasedMentionFinding extends DocumentAnnotator

  12. class ParseBasedMentionList extends MentionList