package chain

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Type Members

  1. class ChainModel[Label <: MutableDiscreteVar, Features <: CategoricalVectorVar[String], Token <: Observation[Token]] extends model.Model with model.Parameters

  2. class Lexicons extends AnyRef

    Methods of retrieving the lexicons that a token in a document (using the window around the token) or a span matches into returns the lexicons names, and the location the token matches into the lexicon (like B-label, I-label, U-label, or L-label)

  3. trait Observation[+This <: Observation[This]] extends AbstractChainLink[This] with Attr

    A element of the input sequence to a linear-chain (CRF) having a string.

  4. class PerSegmentEvaluation extends AnyRef

    Evaluate in terms of correct entire segments.

  5. class SegmentEvaluation[L <: LabeledMutableCategoricalVar[String]] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Chain

  2. object Lexicons

  3. object Observations

  4. object SegmentEvaluation