Factorie 1.2 released

ยป by Emma Strubell on 08 Apr 2016

This is the official 1.2 release of Factorie. This version includes major rewrites to the NLP pipeline as well as many various bugfixes and improvements. Detailed changelog attached.

New in version 1.2

  • Overall
    • Major rewrite of NLP pipeline
    • Many miscellaneous improvements and fixes
  • NLP
    • Many performance and speed improvments improvements to NER
    • Rewritten, ~2x faster dependency parser
    • Rewritten hierarchical cross-document coreference
    • Rewritten universal schema relation extraction model and epistemological database
    • Faster tokenization with JFlex (50x faster, ~500k tokens/second on modest machine)
    • Improvements to model, lexicon, and other resource finding and loading
    • New name parser
  • Linear Algebra
    • Several bug fixes to sparse tensors
  • Learning
    • Support for simple constraints in optimization (projected gradient)
    • Support for different constraints, regularization, and optimizers over different feature template subsets
    • Added support for grid-searching subsets when optimizing hyperparameters
    • Bug fixes to Exponentiated Gradient
  • Inference
    • LiteChainModel class for simple chain CRFs
  • Miscellaneous
    • Improved unit- and integration-testing coverage
    • Improved serialization