Factorie 1.0 released

» by Luke Vilnis on 15 May 2014

This is the official 1.0 release of Factorie. This version includes performance improvements, new NLP components, refactoring of the NLP pipeline, fixes, and code cleanup. Detailed changelog attached.

New in version 1.0

  • Overall
    • Miscellaneous code cleanup (launchers, app)
    • Expanded tutorials and documentation, including a new User’s Guide and javadoc
    • Performance improvements to hashmaps (such as domains and lexicons)
    • Many miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
    • Compatibility with Scala 2.11 (optional)
  • NLP
    • Removed old hcoref package and added rewritten hierarchical coreference system in the xcoref package
    • Removed old relation package
    • Added high performance word embedding trainer based on Google’s word vectors
    • New Chinese word segmenter
    • Rewritten dependency parser
    • New within-document coreference system
    • Added CRF based mention finding
    • Rewrite of Phrases/Mentions
    • Usability improvements to command line NLP tool
    • Performance improvement to Sparse LDA
  • Classifiers
    • Added smoothed hinge loss with adjustable margin, costs, and smoothing
    • Fixed bug in scaled hinge loss
  • Learning
    • Fix to (Parallel)BatchTrainer to use maxIterations
  • Inference
    • Refactored ChainModel to make fast inference and marginals more available for posterior regularization, etc