Factorie 1.0.0-M7 released

ยป by Luke Vilnis on 16 Sep 2013

This is the seventh milestone release for Factorie 1.0. This version includes an improved NLP pipeline with many new components and fixes. Detailed changelog attached.

New in version 1.0.0-M7:

  • Overall
    • Removed deprecated code
    • Improved tutorials and documentation
    • Improved command line tools
  • NLP
    • New tokenizers and sentence segmenter
    • Reworked DocumentAnnotator annotation pipeline
    • Parallel LDA implementation
    • Improved NER
    • Conll2000 loader
    • Support for loading NER3 models from classpath (NER3 requires dependency on factorie-nlp-resources-ner project)
    • Added support for word embeddings in NER3
    • Bugfixes and improvement to mention finders, new NerAndPronounMentionFinder
  • Learning
    • Efficiency improvements to accumulators, trainers, and weights maps
    • Small bugfixes to OnlineTrainer and hyperparameter optimization
  • Inference
    • Changed Infer API
    • Bugfix to dual decomposition