Factorie 0.10.2 released

ยป by Sameer Singh on 11 May 2012

This release comes with a number of enhancements to the inference techniques, a developed NLP package, a flexible persistence layer (Cubbie), and a novel hierarchical model. Detailed changelog attached.

New in version 0.10.2:

  • NLP
    • Customized forward-backward and viterbi for chain models
    • changes to the coreference data structures that support hierarchical models
    • new data loaders
    • models can be loaded from JARs (POS model in IESL Nexus)
    • initial dependency parser
  • BP
    • Refactoring to be faster and cleaner interface, with bugfixes
    • Caching of scores and values
    • MaxProduct works even when multiple MAP states
    • TimingBP to compare performance of the different variants of BP in the codebase
    • maxMarginal with threshold, to support PR curves
    • some initial parallelization
  • Max likelihood training
    • convenience constructors for selecting which families to update
    • pieces can use families for inference that are not updated
  • Trainer that uses Stochastic gradient descent

  • Cubbie
    • new united interface for serialization/persistence (including mongodb support)
  • Hierarchical Coref Model
    • added model that supports arbitrarily deep and wide hierarchy of entites, aka Wick, Singh, McCallum, ACL 2012
  • Gzip saving/loading of models
  • Data loaders for bibtex, dblp, etc.
  • Better support for limitedValues and sparse domains on factors
  • Code cleanup, including deletion of inner/outer factors