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Type Members

  1. class ArrayFromTensors extends AnyRef

  2. trait ArraySparseBinaryTensor extends SparseBinaryTensor with ProtectedIntArrayBuffer

  3. trait ArraySparseIndexedTensor extends SparseIndexedTensor

  4. class ConcatenatedTensor extends ReadOnlyTensor with Tensor1 with DenseDoubleSeq

  5. class Dense2LayeredTensor3 extends Dense2LayeredTensorLike3

  6. trait Dense2LayeredTensorLike3 extends Tensor3 with SparseDoubleSeq

  7. class Dense3LayeredTensor4 extends Dense3LayeredTensorLike4

  8. trait Dense3LayeredTensorLike4 extends Tensor4 with SparseDoubleSeq

  9. class DenseLayeredTensor2 extends DenseLayeredTensorLike2

  10. trait DenseLayeredTensorLike2 extends Tensor2 with SparseDoubleSeq

  11. trait DenseTensor extends Tensor with TensorWithMutableDefaultValue with DenseDoubleSeq

  12. class DenseTensor1 extends DenseTensorLike1

  13. class DenseTensor2 extends DenseTensorLike2

  14. class DenseTensor3 extends DenseTensorLike3

  15. class DenseTensor4 extends DenseTensorLike4

  16. trait DenseTensorLike1 extends Tensor1 with DenseTensor

  17. trait DenseTensorLike2 extends Tensor2 with DenseTensor

  18. trait DenseTensorLike3 extends Tensor3 with DenseTensor

  19. trait DenseTensorLike4 extends Tensor4 with DenseTensor

  20. class GrowableDenseTensor1 extends DenseTensorLike1

  21. class GrowableDenseTensor2 extends DenseTensorLike2

  22. class GrowableDenseTensor3 extends DenseTensorLike3

  23. class GrowableSingletonBinaryTensor1 extends SingletonBinaryTensorLike1

    A one-dimensional one-hot Tensor with hot value 1.

  24. class GrowableSparseBinaryTensor1 extends SparseBinaryTensorLike1

  25. class GrowableSparseIndexedTensor1 extends Tensor1 with ArraySparseIndexedTensor

  26. class GrowableSparseTensor1 extends GrowableSparseIndexedTensor1

  27. class GrowableUniformTensor1 extends UniformTensor with Tensor1

    A Tensor1 of mutable increasing length whose value at all indices is uniformValue.

  28. class LocalWeightsMapAccumulator extends WeightsMapAccumulator

  29. class MutableSingletonBinaryTensor3 extends Tensor3 with SingletonBinaryTensor

  30. class MutableSingletonBinaryTensor4 extends Tensor4 with SingletonBinaryTensor

  31. class Outer1Tensor2 extends Outer2Tensor with Tensor2

    A Tensor2 representing the outer product of a Tensor1 (e.

  32. class Outer1Tensor3 extends Outer2Tensor with Tensor3

    A Tensor3 representing the outer product of a Tensor1 (e.

  33. trait Outer2Tensor extends ReadOnlyTensor with SparseDoubleSeq

  34. class Outer2Tensor3 extends Outer2Tensor with Tensor3

    A Tensor3 representing the outer product of a Tensor2 (e.

  35. class ProxyGrowableDenseTensor1 extends GrowableDenseTensor1

  36. trait ReadOnlyTensor extends Tensor

  37. class ScalarTensor extends Tensor1 with DenseDoubleSeq

    A Tensor representation of a single scalar (Double) value

  38. class Singleton2BinaryLayeredTensor3 extends Singleton2BinaryLayeredTensorLike3

  39. trait Singleton2BinaryLayeredTensorLike3 extends Tensor3 with SparseDoubleSeq with ReadOnlyTensor

  40. class Singleton2LayeredTensor3 extends Singleton2LayeredTensorLike3

  41. trait Singleton2LayeredTensorLike3 extends Tensor3 with SparseDoubleSeq with ReadOnlyTensor

  42. class Singleton3LayeredTensor4 extends Singleton3LayeredTensorLike4

  43. trait Singleton3LayeredTensorLike4 extends Tensor4 with SparseDoubleSeq with ReadOnlyTensor

  44. class SingletonBinaryLayeredTensor2 extends SingletonBinaryLayeredTensorLike2

  45. trait SingletonBinaryLayeredTensorLike2 extends Tensor2 with SparseDoubleSeq with ReadOnlyTensor

  46. trait SingletonBinaryTensor extends SparseBinaryTensor with SingletonTensor

  47. class SingletonBinaryTensor1 extends SingletonBinaryTensorLike1

    A one-dimensional one-hot Tensor with hot value 1.

  48. class SingletonBinaryTensor2 extends SingletonBinaryTensorLike2

  49. class SingletonBinaryTensor3 extends Tensor3 with SingletonBinaryTensor

  50. class SingletonBinaryTensor4 extends Tensor4 with SingletonBinaryTensor

  51. trait SingletonBinaryTensorLike1 extends Tensor1 with SingletonBinaryTensor

    A one-dimensional one-hot Tensor with hot value 1.

  52. trait SingletonBinaryTensorLike2 extends Tensor2 with SingletonBinaryTensor

  53. trait SingletonIndexedTensor extends SparseIndexedTensor with SingletonTensor

  54. class SingletonLayeredTensor2 extends SingletonLayeredTensorLike2

  55. trait SingletonLayeredTensorLike2 extends Tensor2 with SparseDoubleSeq with ReadOnlyTensor

  56. trait SingletonTensor extends SparseTensor with ReadOnlyTensor

  57. class SingletonTensor1 extends SingletonIndexedTensor with Tensor1

    A one-dimensional one-hot Tensor.

  58. class SingletonTensor2 extends Tensor2 with SingletonIndexedTensor

  59. class SingletonTensor3 extends Tensor3 with SingletonIndexedTensor

  60. class SingletonTensor4 extends Tensor4 with SingletonIndexedTensor

  61. class SmartGradientAccumulator extends WeightsMapAccumulator

  62. trait SparseBinaryTensor extends SparseTensor

  63. class SparseBinaryTensor1 extends SparseBinaryTensorLike1

  64. class SparseBinaryTensor2 extends SparseBinaryTensorLike2

  65. class SparseBinaryTensor3 extends SparseBinaryTensorLike3

  66. class SparseBinaryTensor4 extends SparseBinaryTensorLike4

  67. trait SparseBinaryTensorLike1 extends Tensor1 with ArraySparseBinaryTensor

  68. trait SparseBinaryTensorLike2 extends Tensor2 with ArraySparseBinaryTensor

  69. trait SparseBinaryTensorLike3 extends Tensor3 with ArraySparseBinaryTensor

  70. trait SparseBinaryTensorLike4 extends Tensor4 with ArraySparseBinaryTensor

  71. class SparseHashTensor1 extends Tensor1 with SparseDoubleSeq

    A Tensor1 that may contain mostly zeros, with a few arbitrary non-zeros, represented compactly in memory, implemented as a HashMap from Int indices to Double values.

  72. trait SparseIndexedTensor extends SparseTensor

  73. class SparseIndexedTensor1 extends Tensor1 with ArraySparseIndexedTensor

  74. class SparseIndexedTensor2 extends Tensor2 with ArraySparseIndexedTensor

  75. class SparseIndexedTensor3 extends Tensor3 with ArraySparseIndexedTensor

  76. class SparseIndexedTensor4 extends Tensor4 with ArraySparseIndexedTensor

  77. trait SparseTensor extends SparseDoubleSeq with Tensor

    A sparse Tensor that stores an array of indices having non-zero values and an aligned sized array storing those values.

  78. class SparseTensor1 extends SparseIndexedTensor1

  79. class SynchronizedDoubleAccumulator extends DoubleAccumulator

  80. class SynchronizedWeightsMapAccumulator extends WeightsMapAccumulator

  81. trait Tensor extends MutableDoubleSeq with Serializable

    An N-dimensional collection of Doubles.

  82. trait Tensor1 extends Tensor

  83. trait Tensor1ElementIterator extends DoubleSeqIterator with Iterator[Tensor1ElementIterator]

  84. trait Tensor2 extends Tensor

  85. trait Tensor2ElementIterator extends DoubleSeqIterator with Iterator[Tensor2ElementIterator]

  86. trait Tensor3 extends Tensor

  87. trait Tensor3ElementIterator extends DoubleSeqIterator with Iterator[Tensor3ElementIterator]

  88. trait Tensor4 extends Tensor

  89. trait Tensor4ElementIterator extends DoubleSeqIterator with Iterator[Tensor4ElementIterator]

  90. class TensorTimesScalar extends Tensor with ReadOnlyTensor with SparseDoubleSeq

    An lazy product of a Vector and a scalar.

  91. trait TensorWithMutableDefaultValue extends Tensor

  92. class UnaryTensor1 extends UniformTensor1

    A Tensor1 of arbitrary fixed length containing all 1.

  93. trait UniformTensor extends Tensor with ReadOnlyTensor with DenseDoubleSeq

  94. class UniformTensor1 extends Tensor1 with UniformTensor

    A Tensor1 of arbitrary fixed length whose value at all indices is uniformValue.

  95. class UniformTensor2 extends Tensor2 with UniformTensor

  96. trait WeightsMapAccumulator extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Outer2Tensor extends Serializable

  2. object Singleton2LayeredTensorLike3 extends Serializable

  3. object SparseIndexedTensor extends Serializable

  4. object Tensor extends Serializable

  5. object Tensor1 extends Serializable